Promote my tables an my views

User 02d6358788

02-05-2007 17:57:46

How can promote to entity my tables and my views? When I click to button the application show: "This table cannot be used with this entity type".

I'm using release 2.0



ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-05-2007 08:20:59

Only tables that will be compatible with IJC can currently be promoted. This means they have to be similar in nature to ones that IJC would have created itself. This is mainly due to the need to know how to generate the primary key values when inserting new rows into the table.

Currently the following tables can be promoted:

1. JChem structure tables for all supported DB types.

2. Standard tables in MySQL and Derby that have integer primary keys and are automatically generated (autoincrement in MySQL or indentity in Derby).

Tables that do not conform to this cannot currently be promoted. This means any standard table in Oracle, as oracle does not support autoincrement (or an equivalent). We plan to allow more flexibility here in the future.

User 02d6358788

03-05-2007 17:31:09

In Oracle, by a trigger, it's very easy and more power full to create an incremental field, but I know that it's difficult to check if one table has this features from instan jchem. In any case if you implement the features to link instant jchem objects with others source like a views or tables we could use the application to navigate in a lot of data created by others applications.

Thanks a lot for your help and I'm available to collaborate on this project because is very good!


ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-05-2007 17:55:33

Yes, this is exactly the direction in which we are going. The IJC schema editor will be the place where you can pull in exisiting tables and "build" then into IJC entities that can be worked with.

We just haven't got there yet with Oracle as the primary key genaration in Oracle is less well defined (could be a sequence, could be a trigger...) and needs to be explictly specified, whereas for MySQL and Derby this process is completely transparent and so easy for IJC to use.

Thanks for your offer to help. When we get started on this you should be able to help us to ensure that we get this all working correctly.