how to retrieve equations from marvin sketch applet?

User 8769aa7b37

27-02-2007 11:39:14

I want to insert equations in the data base by using marvin sketch applet.How can i insert equations can any body please help?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

27-02-2007 11:57:43

By equation do you mean that you would like to type in a particular piece of text (e.g. A + B = C) and associate that as a field for the molecule? Or are you meaning that you would like to enter a reaction and save that to the database as the structure?

Both are possible, but completely different operations.

For the first you would add a new text field to the database and edit the values by editing the appropriate cell in the grid view. See:

If you want to enter reactions then you should first create a table whose contents are specified as Reactions and then you should be able to sketch in a reaction using Marvin. See:

I hope this helps.