Instant JChem 2.0 M2 ready for testing

ChemAxon fa971619eb

06-02-2007 12:12:19

Instant JChem 2.0 Milestone release 2 is ready for public testing. This is the second milestone release of Instant JChem 2.0, and is the first release to be made publically available. This is a test (alpha) release and should be treated as such. We would like users to test this release and provide feedback, but you should still use the 1.0 releases if you need to use a stable version. At this stage of the development of 2.0 we cannot guarantee that the data formats will not change, so data may not be forwardly compatible. Versions 1.0 and 2.0 can be run alongside each other as long as you do not open the same data with both versions - create separate projects for each. Once 2.0 is considered stable you will be able to convert 1.0 projects to 2.0.

Instant JChem 2.0 will be made available as a series of milestone releases leading up to the formal launch which is expected to be available around the time of the User Group meeting in June 2007.

The 2 main new features being developed in 2.0 are:

* Improved multi-user access (present in M2)

* Form builder (under development)

In addition there are numerous improvements to the usability (better dialogs and wizards, improved feedback and responsiveness) and major architecture changes to support the upcoming functionality and allow extension of IJC by customers or third parties.

You can download IJC from here:

Please report any bugs or comments to this forum.