Copy/paste broken.

User 677b9c22ff

15-11-2006 17:43:09


copy and paste with version 1.0 produces empty records if pasted into another program. Try pubCHem demo.

Paste into static fields of IJCHEM is not working/allowed (however if its my own field and no term and my own DB, it should allow me to paste some values into my DB, maybe with security warning, because the terms like logP() will always updated)


ChemAxon fa971619eb

15-11-2006 19:31:30

Can you describe what you are Copy & Pasting into.

I've tested this with an Open Office spreadsheet and it pastes correctly.

C&P of structures is somewhat limited as extenal applciations have varing (usually no) support or proper strucutres, but data should paste into other applications fine.

Please provide any details of where this doesn't work correctly.

When pasting INTO IJC you should be able to paste into any editable cell. Calcualted columns, such as Molweight, formula and any chem terms fields are not editable (as they are generated and updated automatically from the structure) so you can't paste into those.

Paste into a region of cells is also supported, with some sensible safeguards.

User 677b9c22ff

15-11-2006 23:37:14


I was not very specific copy/paste is broken both for WIN and LINUX version I-JChem 1.x. There is no copy column or copy case during right-click. This is certainly feature every program has, and as long there is no x-y graph or regression, PCA, PLA or whatever is inbuilt into I-Jchem its helpful.

What I did is I opened a fresh PubChem-1000 demo data, clicked on the field column at once and copy that with Ctrl+C and paste with Ctrl-V. This does not work.

What you did is, you clicked on the first value and scrolled down, keeping the mouse button pressed, until the very end. This works. But dont try this with a 3 million compound db it takes ages. Copy cases(rows) doesnt work at all.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

16-11-2006 14:31:24

Copying the complete column works successfully (it can be pasted into another application.)

There is a problem pasting complete column back into IJC (anything less than a full column is ok). We will fix this.

Copying complete rows works (the format of the structure is dependent on the format that was used for import). Pasting a complete row back to IJC will not work because you will be attempting to paste into columns that are non-editable (molweight etc.). Also the structures are currently pastable (we are fixing this).

ChemAxon fa971619eb

17-11-2006 10:15:16

On further examination there is a problem with pasting complete columns.

This is due to the caching that is in place to allow very large data sets to be scrolled in the grid view. Only the data that is required for display is held in memory, so if you try to copy a complete column you may not get all the data.

We will try to resolve this, but it may take some time. The problem is complex.

ChemAxon e189db4705

15-12-2006 00:16:22

We fixed this problem, but because of its complexity it's fixed only in future 2.0 release. Backport to 1.0 would be very difficult because of different architecture.

The IJC 2.0 will have improved clipboard operations (copy/cut/paste), for example:

- there is a customizable clipboard size limit added so copy should be always safe

- copy/paste for big data (e.g. 50000 rows) is done in background and doesn't block user interface

- it's cancellable now (so if you paste large block of cells you can stop it anytime). etc.


User 677b9c22ff

15-12-2006 00:27:04

phamernik wrote:
We fixed this problem, but because of its complexity it's fixed only in future 2.0 release.


cool, thanks. I think a certain (mouse right-click) functionality is good.

...and... hear, hear - a big version jump to 2.0 - What can we expect? :-)


ChemAxon fa971619eb

16-12-2006 11:25:49

Yes, 2.0 involves some major architectural changes. We expect it to be ready around the end of January.