How to enter Marvin keys for IJC?

User ccbacff418

10-11-2006 02:12:11

Hi there,

I need to install keys for Marvin to be able to run calculations within IJC such as cLopP.

I went to Tools/Options and there are several places to enter several other keys, but none for Marvin.

Thanks much in advance for your help.

- Guillermo.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

10-11-2006 08:24:53

Mavin license keys are entered in hte standard Marvin license file (licenses.dat)

Look at for more details, or see the IJC help page titled "Adding licenses".


User ccbacff418

10-11-2006 22:32:25


I'm not clear on this: Do I need to install Marvin separately?

So far I have only installed IJC on my Windows XP machine.

I searched for the licenses.dat file in the hard drive, but no file with that name was found. (?)

Please advice.


- Guillermo.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

11-11-2006 08:02:56

OK, I had wrongly assumed that you had Marvin installed. Without that the licenses file will not exist and you will need to create it yourself.

Create a text file named licenses.dat and place it in the

.chemaxon (Unix - note the dot at the start) or chemaxon (Windows) directory within your home directory. e.g. on Windows this will be something like

C:\Documents and Settings\username\chemaxon\licenses.dat

where username is your actual username.

Alternatively you could install Marvin and enter the license keys using that. Marvin Sketch and Marvin view are userful to have even if you are mainly using IJC.