Cosmetic bug: No colored atoms on hits with 3D structures

User ccbacff418

02-11-2006 06:15:11


I created a DB with 3D structures.

I have noticed that the 3D structures are displayed with colored atoms (atoms that are not carbons).

However, when a substructure search is done all the compounds in the hit list are drawn in 3D in wihte and gray tones. No colored atoms at all.

Could you confirm this?


- Guillermo.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

02-11-2006 08:26:14

This is related to the hit highlighting and alignment which has some problems with 3D strucutres. This problem is now fixed and will be in next release (very soon).

Also note that if you have 3D strucutres you might find it handy to use the Display as 2D setting that can be found in the display settings of the structure field. This displays the structures in 2D which can be clearer, but the 3D coordinates are still retained.