How to select multiple specific entries?

User ccbacff418

27-10-2006 22:20:11


I have a question for you. How can you select multiple specific structures?

Say I have a DB and I want to select structures 3, 4, 17, and 22 and have Instant JChem to display only this structures.

Can you do this in Instant JChem? If so, how?


- Guillermo.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

28-10-2006 11:37:17

The IN LIST query operator was missing!

It's now been added. This lets you specify a list of values (for integer and text fields) as part of the query. In your example you would specify


for the appropriate field. You can also use this as a NOT IN LIST operator.

This enhancement will be available in the next release (expected early next week).

In the meantime there is one thing you can try if your list is not too long, as in your example.

Run a query specifying that the IDs must be BETWEEN the lowest and highest values, and then manually remove the rows you don't want to see from the grid view.

When you delete rows from the grid view the default action is just to remove the row from the display, and not to delete it from the database.

This allows you to temporarily remove items from the display, but next time you run a query they will return.

If you want to delete permanantly from the database hold down the Shift key when clicking on the Delete row icon. Note that in the next version deletion of rows has been changed to more more obvious and you won't need to use the Shift key.

We also recognise that Instant JChem needs better list management capabilties, and these will be added in the near future.

This will allow you to curate lists and specify them as part of a query.


User ccbacff418

28-10-2006 16:14:22

Since the next release is just around the corner I rather wait for it. :)

Thanks for the reply and the tip Tim!


- Guillermo.