Bug: Blank fields are filled with last entry on that field

User ccbacff418

26-10-2006 06:08:17

Hi there,

I found what could be a serious bug in Instant JChem.

I created an sd file with structures, compound IDs, and fictitious IC50s. The IC50 field contains both data and no data.

When the sd file was imported all default parameters were used. No guidance as to how to treat empty fields was used.

Open the sd file (see attached file) with your preferred software (easiest if you use ISIS for Excel or ChemDraw for Excel) and you can see that, for example, ID = 58258 has a value of 35.163.

The next 3 structures (sd file has compounds order based on ID number from low to high), ID = 58259, 58260, and 58262) do not contain any IC50 values.

Now, if you search for ID = 58260 you can see that Instant JChem displays that the IC50 = 35.16.

Clearly the IC50 field for this ID should be empty. Yet, it displays the previous found value on that field, the one for ID = 58258.

Could you tell me if I am missing something here during the import of the sd file? Or is this a real bug?


- Guillermo.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

26-10-2006 08:21:38

Yes, this is a bug. We now have it fixed and the fix will be in the next release (coming soon).

There is a current work around. The quick import does not have this problem, so if you import the file with this wizard then the empty values are correct.

Sorry for this problem, and thank your for reporting it.


User ccbacff418

26-10-2006 13:28:50

Hi Tim,

Thanks for confirming that this is indeed a bug. And also for the tip on how to get around the problem. :)

Any idea when the next release will be out? Just curious.

All the best,

- Guillermo.

ChemAxon fa971619eb

26-10-2006 13:41:50

We're just starting final testing.

Assuming this goes to plan it should be ready early next week.


User ccbacff418

27-10-2006 02:24:21

Great! Look forward to that. :)

- Guillermo.