Search in the InstantJChem database using jchembase api

User b3731e4dfd

25-09-2006 14:22:47

Hi I'm using InstantJchem since 1month and I Have a litle problem.

In fact, I only use InstantJChem to create a local database without installing Mysql. Then my idea is to performed some search by using the jchem API. So I have written a program and perform a search and it's work perfectly. Unfortunately, I'm not able to make more than one search per minute.

Is it due to the InstantJChem program ? Or should I ask for an other license of Jchem ?

ChemAxon fa971619eb

25-09-2006 14:45:13

If you are using Instant JChem using a local database then you should be able to run an unlimited number of searches per minute.

If you are running against a remote database (Oracle and MySQL are supported in Instant JChem) then you will require a license for Instant JChem.

In addition, searches against remote databases, or any searches from your own programs that use the JChem API will require a JChemBase license that allows more than one search per minute to be run.

Just for completeness, let me also add that if you use a standardizer or many of the calculator plug-ins these will also require licenses.

Please contact [email protected] if you need any of these licenses