Perfect Search option generates an error message

User e103a02d82

02-08-2006 18:32:44

When I use the query window and conduct a Perfect search I get the following Java message.

Note First impressions are this is a much more robust version and is looking good.

Error message generated on the search button with a standard molecular query but using the perfect search option:






at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$

[catch] at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$

ChemAxon fa971619eb

02-08-2006 19:21:32

This looks to be a simple problem (perfect search has no options). I think we have the problem fixed. An fix should appear on the Update Center tomorrow after we've done some testing.


ChemAxon fa971619eb

03-08-2006 14:15:04

This problem is now fixed.

You will need to pick up the updated DIF module from the update centre.

Use Tools -> Update Center

and this will take you through the process of updating.