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User 8c57fe7217

28-12-2016 13:56:57

Yesterday I discovered MadFast. I am very favorably impressed with its scope and speed. However, is it possible to tune a search so that it will pick up analogs that have isoelectronic structures with different elements? For example, when I search for compounds similar to diisopropylphosphorofluoridate (DFP), all the hits had P-O-R structures, but none of them had P-NH-R structures. Thank you.

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

28-12-2016 14:11:01

Dear Rudy,

we are glad that our MadFast sparked an interest in you. However, IJC team is not really qualified yet to answer you competently, so I forwarded your question to the developer responsible. He should contact you either here, via forum, or directly via email.

Wishing all the best

User 8c57fe7217

28-12-2016 15:08:33


I did not know where I should post my question about MadFast, as there appears to be no sub-forum for it as yet.

Thank you for forwarding my question to the developer.

-- Rudy


ChemAxon 8b644e6bf4

28-12-2016 15:21:03

Dear Rudy,

Currently our ECFP/FCFP implementation has the capabilities to provide such tuning. This setting is not exposed in the current version of MadFast however i plan to implement it soon.

I would recommend to see the ECFP documentation at

And the default configuration file example at for examples on the available built-in properties.

As a different approach a custom canonicalization (standardization) on the input structures before fingerprint calculation could also be considered: changing every atom to a selected (canonical) isoelectronic one. If this approach seem usable i can check for a possible configuration point for implementing it.



User 8c57fe7217

28-12-2016 23:09:31

Hi Gabor,

Thanks for your rapid response. I look forward to further developments!

Best regards,