Instant JChem error

User 7127988e01

03-06-2016 00:49:27


I've had Instant JChem installed for about 1 month and it has been working just fine.  Today it updated and now it will not work.  When launched I get this error message below (and attached) and just a blank Instant JChem window.  I'm hoping someone can tell me what this all means!





ChemAxon 206bfdcce5

03-06-2016 10:39:13

Dear Jim,

this seems as a corrupt installation. Performing a clean reinstallation should fix the problem. 

To perform a clean uninstall, please do the following:

  1. Uninstall IJC

  2. Find location of your User Directory. It should be in this location.  C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\.instantjchem\ and delete it.

  3. Install IJC again

second step is crucial for a clean reinstall as this way you will purge
all modules that are used by IJC during startup. The folder will be
recreated again during first startup of IJC, once reinstalled.

By deleting the userdir, you will not delete any of your data - the userdir contains data related to the ui settings, information about the last open project and other. After reinstallation, you will be able to open your projects and use them as before.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


User 7127988e01

06-06-2016 21:07:20

Thanks Karla.

That worked! 


User ec10c44855

03-10-2016 18:31:46

I am trying to edit  color scheme a molecule in a Instant J Chem database and after I edited I could not find any option to save the changes made. The "Save" button was grayed out. I have done this many times in other versions without this issue. How do I solve this problem? 

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

04-10-2016 11:01:48

Dear Asim,

could you please be more specific on what exactly are you trying to do? Do you mean color scheme for hit highlighting during querying or coloring of the structure cells?

Also if possible, please create a new forum topic if it is unrelated to an original topic that you post into as it is then easier to track and manage customer issues.

Wishing all the best