Can't import simple text-delimited file into IJChem project

User 182d1b20d1

14-03-2016 23:22:53

I generated a simple text-delimited file (no chemical structure) from MS/Access table with first row as field names (as defined during the generation process).  However, when I import this text file into IJChem, the field names were not retained.  Instead, the field names became "Field 1", "Field 2"..........  I don't have this type of problem before.  I wonder anyone know the new version(s) of IJChem have this issue being reported and resolved by ChemAxon?  Any help on this issue is much appreciated!


ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

15-03-2016 09:45:05

Dear Daniel,

did you try setting the import options accordingly? See attached screenshot. In case of text files, IJC is not able to auto-detect the proper import options and those need to be set up manually.

Wishing all the best