Cannot import XML file (form MS/Excel or Word program)

User 182d1b20d1

10-03-2016 20:07:45

I could not import XML file format (either from MS/Excel or Word) into an Instant JChem Project.   I have both desktop and Enterprise Licenses and the expiration date is on 2/3/2017.  The following was the error message shown when I intent to import the file into an existing Instant JChem project.  I also just updated to the newly version of Instant JChem ( yesterday.  I don't have such issue before when importing either XML or txt file format last year.  Do you know how to resolve this problem? Thanks for the help.   - Daniel

The following were the error message:

"task failed due to: chemaxon.license.LicenseException: No valid license has been found.

Product name: Document to Structure

Licenses are read from: C:\Users\C\chemaxon\license.cxl;C:\Users\C\chemaxon\license.cxl;C:\Users\C\chemaxon\license.cxl;C:\Users\C\chemaxon\license.cxl

Please visit or contact sales _at_ to obtain the corresponding license.

For more details see Instant JChem log file located in C:\Users\C\AppData\Roaming\.instanEtjchem\\var\log."

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

17-03-2016 14:23:56


XML is considered a document format and for this, D2S is needed. This used to be part of IJC Enterprise licensing, but actually at the time 2014/2015 it was changed and D2S started to be licensed separately.

The issue was resolved directly with Daniel. Closing the forum thread.

Wishing all the best