negative values in a scatterplot, sharing a calculated value

User f67d4188b6

04-01-2016 20:06:51

Hi all,

There used to be an issue when sharing a form view that had negative values in a scatterplot.
This issue might have been resolved now.

When trying to work around this issue i stumbled upon another issue:
I made a calculated field that takes the negative of the plotted values (so you end up with positive values in the plot) and that seemed to work just fine.

But after i shared that form, users where reporting byzare behaviour: the plotted values came from a completely different column.
Looking at the issue from one of these users i spotted the problem: the calculated fields that i was using are not shared when sharing the form. Then the view (the scatterplots in this case) silently takes another datafield as its source and displays nonsensical information.

ChemAxon 206bfdcce5

05-01-2016 10:18:11

Dear Ellert,

unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce you issue in our environment. When sharing a form with scatterplot that uses a non-shared calculated field I get an error about missing field and the scatter plot is not drawn. Could you please send us the logfile documenting this behavior? Please turn SQL logging on and send us the log on the support email.

Thank you.

Best regards,