How to install mysql-connector-java-5.1.37.tar.gz in linux

User 0e345a0616

26-10-2015 07:07:43

Hello Sir

Please tell me the steps for installing mysql-connector-java-5.1.37.tar.gz in linux....becoz i am getting the error while connecting to database.

The error file has been attached.



ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

26-10-2015 09:26:09

Dear Monica,

this error is not caused by missing mysql-connector or anything similar to that. The error means that your database url is wrong and IJC can not connect to the server.

MySQL database url typically contains the default port 3306, which is missing in your case. The url should look something like:


Please make sure that your database URL is correct.

Wishing all the best


ChemAxon 37bb34e128

26-10-2015 09:29:54


I am sorry, but I doubt that this will help you. IJC 5.9.3 bundles JDBC driver for MySQL and allows connecting to MySQL databases out of the box. Users are not supposed to install any other software in order to be able to connect to MySQL.

We will try to resolve your problem within your other post once you send us the IJC log file.


User 0e345a0616

28-10-2015 06:38:05

Dear Sir,

I already tried the same url  "jdbc:mysql://" but with error. That error file and log file  is attached here

But this all works fine in windows operating system.

ChemAxon 37bb34e128

29-10-2015 09:29:42

Hi, the URL is now correct as far as I can tell. Also the error that you are getting now suggests that the URL is correct. However, your MySQL database refuses the connection. Please see the error message at the bottom of the dialog window. It says:

"Host 'Server' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server"

This means that the MySQL server running your database allows connections only from certain computers. You are now trying to connect from a computer that your MySQL server does not know. Please talk to your IT or DBA to sort this out. It is not a bug in IJC. It is rather a problem in your environment.