case insetsitive query using Groovy scripting

User 9bb55943c4

23-09-2015 10:56:52

Hi, I need help with my Groovy script for Instant JChem.

I want to make a script to perform a text query. I'd seen tutorials about Groovy scripting and found this method (but...I suppose, this query is case sensitive).

q_org = DFTermsFactory.createFieldOperatorValueExpr(Operators.CONTAINS, fldOrganism, null, organism)

How could I rewrite it to make my query case insensitive. Is it possible?

...maybe you can tell me, where it's written about.

Thank you!


ChemAxon 320de6f832

29-09-2015 13:34:56

Dear Anastasia,

There is needed to define the third parameter in the function createFieldOperatorValueExpr.

You can see in documentation here, possible vaues for this parameter.

I can see in your code, that you let this parameter with value null.  To define case-sensitivity or case-insensitivity you have to set the third parameter as  Map with "query.option.caseInsensitiveSearch":true.

The code will be then st. like this:

def optionMap = [:]

optionMap.put('query.option.caseInsensitiveSearch', true)

q_org = DFTermsFactory.createFieldOperatorValueExpr(Operators.CONTAINS, fldOrganism, optionMap, organism)

Best Regards