ID generation for primary key column in InstanJChem

User 86138bd6fa

02-07-2015 12:14:26

Dear ChemAxon Team,

Could you be so kind
as to suggest or refer to the guide?

How to assign a new rule for ID generation for primary key column in
InstanJChem (see att.)? How to use assign text value IDs?

I would like to assign text IDs automatically using my own rule. By the way, search by primary
ID is much more faster than for other fields.


Thanks in advance!

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

02-07-2015 13:28:36

Dear Maxim,

I believe that what you are looking for can be found in documentation here. It is possible to use different value generators. In your case, what you should be looking for is the GUID value generator.

Regarding the speed of the search on the primary ID will be definitely faster as there is an index built against it. However, you are not limited to having only 1 index in the database table. You can add indices on other fields as well in the database. This however has to be done inside of the database. How to connect to the database directly is covered here.

I hope this helps

Wishing all the best