IJC does not update

User 8a7878ec6d

22-04-2015 19:26:46


I'm running IJC for testing purposes under Lubuntu 14.04 LTS, and want to keep up with the latest releases. However, for some time now (can't tell exactly since when) it does not detect the latest version any more, no notifications for updates appear in the bottom right notification area. I have not changed any settings under the update plugins. If I run 'Help-> Check for updates', no updates are found.

Attached an image of the activated plugin for updating.

Please advice.

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

23-04-2015 07:27:07

Dear Evert,

what version started this behaviour to occur? There were some problems with Automatic Update Center that were resolved in previous versions. We also resolved an incompatibility problem with AUC for older 6.X releases in this week release (see release notes).

Please make sure that in the Plugin settings (see screenshot), you have the following URLs set:

For Instant JChem Update Center - http://www.chemaxon.com/instantjchem/updatecenter/auc1/updates.xml

For Instant JChem API Examples Update Center - http://www.chemaxon.com/instantjchem/updatecenter/aucapi1/updates.xml


If this does not help, then please uninstall the current version of IJC, clean the User Directory, download the latest version and reinstall. 

Wishing all the best


User 8a7878ec6d

23-04-2015 08:39:58

Well, the URLs are correct so I guess I will have to reinstall...