may be some bugs

User 72a5707b7d

08-04-2015 07:43:07


I updated the latest version. 

But I found that when I handled 100 structures, with 20 columns. High CPU and memory shared, and I can not operation IJC.

My other soft can run normally.

Before the update, I can deal more than 20000 structures in IJC normally.



Thanks and best regards,


ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

08-04-2015 12:43:33


thank you for reporting this. We are already solving a similar performance issue. Would you be able to provide us with more information about your setup? Additional information would be helpful for us to solve the problem.

What database are you using, what is your memory settings for IJC, also a log file with SQL logging with timestamp would be helpful. (see documentation here).


I am sorry for the inconvenience

Wishing all the best


User 8a7878ec6d

09-04-2015 10:11:28

Just curious: is this version 15.4.6, the latest update 'without improvements or bug fixes'?

User 72a5707b7d

09-04-2015 22:33:58


Thanks very much for your help.

I have updated .And I used one time.

It seems that there are some improvements .

I will continue to feedback, if you encounter any problems

Thanks very much for your warmly help.

Best regards,


ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

10-04-2015 09:09:07

Dear Evert,

yes, this is one of possible scenarios that can happen when operating in rolling release (weekly in our case) model. We of course do have new fixes and improvements, but they were not yet ready to be included in this week's release. We release an "empty release" anyways, as there are other products that use IJC as a backend platform (Plexus Suite and Connect Web Services) and they depend on IJC to be released in a particular version, with or without an improvement or a bug fix.

I hope this explains the situation for you


All the best