Multiple hits with substructure search

User 6fe3d4c2db

06-03-2015 12:47:33

Hi ,

I have a structure table with relationships to 3 other tables (1-1, 1-many and  1-many relations).
After a substructure search I have to many hits. A few structures are counted multiple times.....

I tried the database on "different" machines. On one computer the search works correct and on an other computer the strange behavior occurs.

Any hints ?




ChemAxon c589ba3265

06-03-2015 15:01:22


If I understand well: you have the same version of IJC on both computers from that you connect to the same database, righ?

Could I have a few question ? 

Which version of ijc did you used ?

What type of database did you used ?

Could you be so kind and send us the logfile wit sql and times loging which can be switch on in tools>options>miscellaneous>other_settings>SQL logging

all the best