Import in IJC: Simultaneous Merging and Addition of New Data

User d83ee99f6b

10-02-2015 08:46:37


for some time I have tried (in vain) to figure out the solution to a problem regarding Import from File (txt, sdf) into an IJC entity.

Let's say this entity contains a list A of 100 chemicals identified by CAS number + some additional data fields for these chemicals. Now I want to import data from a second list B which contains data on 50 of these chemicals + data on 50 other chemicals not included in list A (the field structure of the two lists being identical otherwise).

What I would like to do in one go is:

- for the 50 chemicals in both lists: to overwrite the associated data with those in list B

- for the 50 chemicals only in list B: to add these to list A (together with their data).

Actually some 15 years ago this was a standard functionality of ISIS Base which I used back then. However in IJC, I only seem to be able to either update list A with the data on the 50 chemicals in both lists (via the merge function), but not the new chemicals, or to import all of list B, resulting in duplicate records for 50 chemicals.

Alternatively, I would first have to find out which chemicals in B are already in A and which are not, and split my dataset accordingly (which is very tedious).

Probably I have just overlooked something (because it is hard to believe I should be the only one with this problem) and there is a very simple solution?

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ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

11-02-2015 16:40:46

Dear Matthias,

we will have a look at this and find a solution for you. There should be a possibility to use duplicate filtering functionality to achieve the result. I have to investigate this beforehand.

I will get back to you as soon as I have something for you.

All the best


User d83ee99f6b

25-02-2015 16:25:17

Hope you will be successful...

In fact there seems to be no reason why import in general could not be much more flexible.

For instance when merging data for field X and importing data into mapped field Y of a given table/entity I might wish to leave all content already present untouched, i.e. not overwrite existing data but only fill the empty fields.

Or set two merge fields at the same time...

Or only import the first 1000 rows today and then import the next thousand the next day...


Best regards!