Can't export

User 8a7878ec6d

14-01-2015 09:28:58


I have problems exporting structures from When I choose a folder to write an SD file it always ends up at c:\Users\, and then a window pops up stating that it cannot write there. Same behaviour when trying to export as Excel file.This is on 64-bits Windows 7 Pro.

I have had this confirmed from 2 colleagues. Maybe this has been solved in latest release, but we just agreed to stick with this version. This is the downside of weekly upgrades.



User 8a7878ec6d

14-01-2015 09:49:11

Hi again,

I managed to get rid of the error message window popping up by changing the UAC settings for my Windows account. The behavior is then that it will always write a file 'c:\Users\myname.sdf'. I can write this file, but cannot choose the name nor another location.

Running as JWS it appears that it doesn't have this problem, so I guess we have no choice but to upgrade once more...

ChemAxon c589ba3265

14-01-2015 12:21:58


can you send me a log file, because we can not reproduced.

ChemAxon 4f0b8a99b5

21-01-2015 15:00:13

Hello Evert,

Thank you for reporting this to us, we eventually managed to replicate your findings somehow eventually and wrote patch for the bug, this should be fixed in IJC which should be released soon.

Best regards,

Martin Zbořil

User 8a7878ec6d

21-01-2015 15:42:35

Great, thanks!