Importing files without extension

User 9df74a15a4

05-11-2014 15:25:37

Tried to import a file without an extension. Since it wasn't recognized, I couldn't import it, not even manually choose the file type. That is a bit odd.

In my specific case I knew it was a tab separated file, so I changed the ending to tab (since that is what the dialog box suggests), but still, though recognized as delineated text file, it suggested comman and not a tab. Also odd, evn though in the end I could import it.

Would be nice to change this behavior.

Finally, it would be nice to have  preview of data next to the "fields found" window.

The Knime node "File Reader" is what I see as a role-model in terms of previewing your files and correcting anything before proceeding any further, see below.

But maybe I simply missed something?

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

05-11-2014 16:08:07

We have already tasks covering import improvements in our bug reporting system (for internal reference IJC-3777). I have noted your suggestions into those tasks. Thank you for your report.




User 9df74a15a4

06-11-2014 09:48:21