Adding the same text to multiple rows in IJC.

User fca09bdbff

08-09-2014 06:59:16


I have an empty text field in a IJC database that I wish to fill with text.

Is it possible to add the same text to all the rows from a structure search, rather than enter the text individually or copy and paste the text to different rows.

I suppose the action would be to fill all rows in the list with the same text, rather like AutoFill in Excel.

Thanks and regards,

Tim Ritchie.

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

09-09-2014 15:59:36

Greetings Tim,

You should be able to do it by copy/paste functionality in grid view or in table widget.

  1. Copy a single value you want to paste into all columns to the clipboard.

  2. Select cells which should have this value. Or if you have applied list before, therefore shown records are only those in a list. Click on the column in table header -> the field will be selected in all rows.

  3. Paste  (Ctrl+V). All values in selected cells will be replaced by the clipboard content.

Hope it helps. Otherwise feel free to ask more.



User fca09bdbff

11-09-2014 09:12:39

Hello Filip,

Thanks for the help.

Regards, Tim.

User 9df74a15a4

06-11-2014 10:06:18

I get a "Data in clipboard does not match the selection area" 

(i.e. a single line of e.g. text works to paste into one cell, but not multiple ones)

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

10-11-2014 09:15:10

What exact version are you using? I will investigate.


User 9df74a15a4

10-11-2014 09:52:40

Am using 14.10.13 64bit on Win 7 64bit,

ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

14-11-2014 09:53:24


I have investigated the problem and it seems as a bug from our part. I have created a bug report and we will look into the problem. 

Meanwhile as a dirty workaround, what could be done is to use the SQL command to fill the desired rows with whatever value you need to. But keep in mind that using the SQL command instead of copy/paste beats the usability purpose of copy/paste and also that you have to be absolutely sure about what you are changing in the table and must use the sql responsibly.

update YOUR_TABLE set YOUR_FIELD = 'value_to_paste' where ID_COLUMN between valueFOO and valueBAR

For example:

update PUBCHEM_DEMO set TestField = 'paste this text' where cd_id between 1 and 20

This example command would put text "paste this text" to TestField column on table named PUBCHEM_DEMO only for the first 20 rows.


I am sorry for the inconvenience



User 9df74a15a4

14-11-2014 13:47:02

Thanks, but I don't feel comfortable with using that. I guess I will use excel instead.

User 247c00dc1d

01-12-2014 14:04:33


David, is sql-statement realized only by connecting to the schema through the "Services"?

or now it can be realized in a query builder?



ChemAxon 26d92e5dcd

01-12-2014 14:07:28

Hello Igor,

all of the sql commands are run through the "Services" and the built in SQL editor. Or if you have some other SQL editor available (such as or similar), you can use those too.

Wishing all the best