Scripting schema upgrade?

User 5d01fe091c

17-06-2014 11:28:32


We are looking at upgrading our IJC infrastructure to 6.3.0.  we have around 160 schemas which it seems that we will have to log into and upgrade the IJC part of the schema and the metadata (following dialog boxes in the IJC GUI).  Is there a way to script this so that we do not have to log in to each schema as the admin and perform this task?



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

19-06-2014 09:17:45

Hi Ian,

This is probably complicated to script in IJC itself. However we have a tool which connects to a database and automatically upgrades all IJC schemas within. We have compiled version which currently works against IJC 6.2 so it won't help much in upgrading to 6.3.

But we can provide it on demand also with the source code.

I will contact you via email.