Issue with updating shared projects

User 0742d1ce7b

11-06-2014 04:22:02


I have set-up a shared project on a citrix server by placing the ijp and zip files in shared folder and using the filepath (file:///c:/folder/filename.ijp) instead of a URL. This works and multiple users can access the file. I assume that each time a user accesses the shared project they actual then a local copy is created and they work from that.

The issue I have is when I try to update the project. What I have been doing is making the changes to the original file and going to 'Create Shared Project' and clicking on 'Update existing configuration.' For users that have not accessed the shared drive before they see the updated version. However, for existing users they see a previous version. When they try and open the existing connection or try open the shared project again, a message comes up saying 'Configuration already deployed' and they do not see the updated version.

Can you advise me how to solve this issue? Is this a consequence of not using a web server although I don't think that is the case? Is there another way to share the project so that it is easier to update  and preferably by other users?

We are currently using IJC 6.3 and we have an enterprise license.



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

11-06-2014 11:22:22

Hi Alex,

You right that the users are working with local copies of the shared project. This is only true if using local Derby DB as database backend.
Their local project should be updated automatically if you deploy the shared configuration to the server. In your case it can also be files on an shared drive (or Citrix machine). But you have to increase specific configuration version. Only in that way local IJC installation knows that something changed on shared configuration and download the newer version automatically.

It must be changed manually in update shared configuration dialog as described at  


User 0742d1ce7b

12-06-2014 02:09:51

Hi Filip

Thanks for your swift response. I have a few follow up questions.

1. I read the post you sent but I'm confused as to why this has to be updated manually. Why when I follow the recommended procedure (described below) do the version numbers in the ijp file and the file not update correctly?

Quote:' More recommended procedure is to use UI in Instant JChem to update shared configuration.
1.Open your shared project by File -> Open Shared Projects...
2.Use File -> Create Shared Projects... dialog
3.Choose Update Existing Configuration
4.Manually increase the number in New Version column

Generated files are then ready to be uploaded to your server. Updated project will be then fetched by all users accessing that project in the past.'

2. When the above failed to work, I then had a looked at manually updating the ijp file and file. While I could easily update the ijp file in notepad, I could not do the same for the file in the zip file. Could you give me instructions on how to do this?

3. Which file should I make updates from - the orginal ijc database which I first created the  shared project from or should I use the shared project copy  (although when I tried this, it was greyed out)?

Your help, will once again be much appreciated.

Kind regards


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

12-06-2014 08:55:56

Hi Alex,

I'm sorry for not being clear.

You don't need to edit files manually.

It has to be updated manually in the Dialog. Version of the configuration is not increased in the New Version table column. Because there the number is not increased automatically and agains previous version configuration number.
This is a bug and will be fixed in future version.

Best regards,