Structure Format Problem

User 773d472e7f

04-06-2014 14:51:50

I am using Marvin Sketch  to edit structures in an database

My usage is: Oracle(JChen.Cartridge) -> Instant JChem (IJC) -> Marvin Sketch (v6.1)

The structure is originally stored in the database as a MOLFILE.

After I edit a structure with Marvin Sketch (invokerd via IJC) and click SAVE the structure is in saved in mrv format.

The documentation for marvin sketch states that edited molecules are saved in their originalformat 

Please advise how I can make this (molfile) format be the default.


many thanks



ChemAxon 2c555f5717

06-06-2014 09:23:37

Dear Bernard,

   IJC saves in MRV as default. This can be changed on a table by table basis by setting the "Format
for saving structures" property in the Extra attributes which can be
found in the schema editor. 


User 773d472e7f

10-06-2014 08:49:13

Thanks for the reply,

After I make this change the interface does not let me save the change.

It seem to be stuck with a search for NULL VALUES ??

In any case the apply button never becomes available.



ChemAxon c589ba3265

11-06-2014 13:30:02

Dear Bernard,

could you please send me a log file, but before switch on the SQL logging as is described here:

and also try to switch on the "alow empty structures" in general settings as you can see in attached screenshot ?

Best regards


User 773d472e7f

23-06-2014 16:05:53

This is now solved

1. I have set the nulls allowed as you indicated.

2. Made the change to the misc setting (mol)

3. Searching for null still occurred. I waited some minutes for this to "complete"

4. The "save" button became enabled and I clicked it.

5. I have tested this and it works.


Thanks and regards