Launching external program from Instant J Chem with field

User db4a57f912

22-05-2014 23:22:23

I'm trying to figure out a fast way to launch MestreNova (NMR viewer) within InstantJChem using a field code, i.e. Batch_code or compound_name. I have tried using the dynamic link however that loads up a browser window and then asks to save the file and not open it directly

For example

Compound Name = Amine123

Corresponding Nmr file name in directory = Amine123.mnova


Ideally a script attached to a button would the way to go.

Any help greatly appreciated.


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

29-05-2014 05:56:04

Hi, there is a sample script which runs an external program, please see it at:

Just for example, the basic trick is to call the following:

def command = "/Applications/"
def proc = command.execute()

For your specific needs, you need to call the application for NMR spectra first. Therefore the definition would be:

def command = "C:/pathToNMRviewer.exe pathToNmrFile"

And then execute it as in the example above.

Hope it helps.


User db4a57f912

29-05-2014 07:16:28

Thanks fzimandl I'll test it out.