Not a valid Local DB Backip ZIP file

User b993cfcb8f

21-04-2014 14:55:07

Hi all,

I encountered some problem using IJC. Basically this was what i did

1) I have downloaded a database in .zip format

2) Went to “File” > “New Project…” >select IJC Project (with local database) > “Next > choose a project name > “Prj1”> “Finish”

3)  Went to “File” >“Restore Schema from ZIP backup…”> Select the .zip file stored in the local disk > “Open”.

4) After clicking open, I got this error “Not a valid Local DB Backip ZIP file”

May I know what went wrong? Many thanks for your assistance!



ChemAxon f4700d0c3b

21-04-2014 15:26:29

Hi Huiwen,

Could you please let us know the followings:

1.From where you downloaded the zip file? Is this an IJC project which was previously backed up in a zip file?

More info on backing up and restoring a schema in here:

2. what version of IJC are you using and on what type of operating system? Windows, MAC...

We had some minor issues with restore schema from ZIP backup we fixed in 6.2 Please see the link below:

Best regards,