Similarity search

User 1b64124363

24-01-2014 10:14:11

I have to check similarity of  500 new  structures  in the instant jchem database

How can we check these 500 structures simultaneously. please reply

ChemAxon abe887c64e

24-01-2014 10:33:35

Please find your question moved to the topics of Instant JChem.

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

24-01-2014 10:53:57

Exactly for this type of task you can use Overlap analysis. I would import all new structures into a new table and then set it as query table in Overlap analysis. Please read the doc at


User 0e345a0616

27-01-2014 11:58:41

Thanks Filip


It works.....Thanx a lot