How to upgrade an existing shared project?

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19-11-2013 23:20:55

A user asked what is the right way to update an existing shared project configuration:

I would like to update the ijs file in our shared 
project.  The current shared project contains only an ijs file and in the zip file. It works fine.  The ijp file
contains version 1.  I followed the instructions on your
web page and replaced the zip file with a new one.  I also updated the
ijs file to contain version number 2. 

The project does not update.  The old ijs file remains on the client.

According to your instructions I can update my configuration by doing the following 

Replace the ijs file in the zip file

Update the version number in the ijp file.

I notice that there is another version number in  Do I have to update that version number too?  I
tried updating that one as well and I still do not get an updated ijs
file.  I have also restarted the UrlWebApp several

How can I get the project to update?


In case of manual upgrade there are 2 places in *.ijp file where the version= number has to be increased.

<prj_configuration  version="1" >
   <!-- url is either relative to codebase name or global if contains http:// -->
   <prj url="" name="sharedProjectSchemaName" version="1"/>

Moreover there is file in the shared project zip file in .wbproject folder where the version number has to be increased.


More recommended procedure is to use UI in Instant JChem to update shared configuration.

  1. Open your shared project by File -> Open Shared Projects...

  2. Use File -> Create Shared Projects... dialog

  3. Choose Update Existing Configuration

  4. Manually increase the number in New Version column

Generated files are then ready to be uploaded to your server. Updated project will be then fetched by all users accessing that project in the past.