matrix widget view suggestions

User e29a5e272b

13-11-2013 20:36:53


I like to view compound libraries in Matrix view. As I checked current capabilities I would like to suggest:

- define several extra field to be displayed in structure cell (like in mview in old versions)

- sorting entries according properties displayed in extra field

- when the tooltip field is shown, it will show also the property name (or user defined heading) and not just its value (e.g. "LogP 3.31" and not just "3.31")


Thank you,


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

20-11-2013 01:04:57

Thanks for your suggestions Dmytro.

All requests seems reasonable. Particularly the third is very easily doable. I believe we'll be able provide this trifle in IJC 6.2.

I'm not able to guess when we can do the first improvement.

The second has currently workaround that you can add a single line text field and sort by using this. Or it is possible to set default sorting per entity in Extra Attributes tab when editing entity properties in schema editor.