Database connection problem. 6.0.4

User 8f0e0cac1a

10-09-2013 15:50:28


I was trying to use "Connect to Database"; however, it gives me an error saying " Only local database is supported without Instant JChem license. Please go back and select the supported database option." . This doesn't make sense, as I have an active license. Do I need a special license for this or is this a simple bug?





User f67d4188b6

11-09-2013 09:27:25

perhaps this older post is related?


In essence, Instant JChem is only allowed to connect to an external database with the "Enterprise" version of the IJC license. If you have a "Standard" license it will not work.

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

11-09-2013 13:46:38

You need to own (special) Enterprise license to use Connect to IJC Schema. Standard license will allow you to use local (Derby) database. Connect to IJC Schema can be only used with remote (Oracle and MySQL) databases, thus it will always require an Enterprise license.

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