Copy one row / Paste to create a new value

User 7b0ee04e66

22-07-2013 13:25:54

Good afternoon

Is it possible to do a copy / paste action in the grid view

e.g. select one row, copy

and create a new row from the information in the clipboard (similar to other Office applications) ?

It would also be useful to have the new row form pre-populated with the data from the selected row.

Let us know if you need more information



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

22-07-2013 13:43:31

Hi Catherine,

Sure, it's possible to do copy/paste actions on existing rows. ID, Structure and calculated columns cannot be changed this way. You can do copy/paste on standard text or numeric fields.

The latter function you asked is not implemented. We are aware of such improvement, but other things always get higher priority, so it's imposible to predict, when this is going to be implemented.

Thanks for your feedback!