Drop Down for existing text field

User 42f208ce8e

20-07-2013 09:40:40


Would it be possible to add a drop down for an existing text field, I have tried and seems not working. When I add a new text field I can add a drop down and choose from predefined values, but I would like to add drop down to an existing text field.  If not in the GUI, can I do this using groovy script?



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

22-07-2013 07:21:59

Hi Yogitha,

you can do it in Schema editor -> Entities -> choose field you want to edit -> on the right side, check Discrete set of values.
After reconnection the field will utilize drop-down menu.

Hope it helps.


User f67d4188b6

25-07-2013 11:42:12

It would actually be very handy if a dropdown/selectbox could be populated from other fields in the database or even a query.

Obviously you will need to set 2 field definitions: where the ID's come from and where the displayed texts come from.

This is also on my wishlist, see https://www.chemaxon.com/forum/viewpost50665.html#50665