data import

User b8a0178ace

03-07-2013 13:20:43

When I want to import data in a new project I get the message:

Schema activated.
Insufficient access rights for the selected database. You are not allowed to create any new table in this database and so import is disabled. Select another schema or connect again as schema editor.

Is this a license issue?


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

04-07-2013 11:53:32

Hi Reinhard,

this looks more like an issue with the privileges. Under which account do you log in to IJC? What roles does it have? ROLE_USER, ROLE_EDITOR or ROLE_ADMIN?

You need to have ROLE_ADMIN in order to fully manipulate the schema (creating tables, adding fields). So the import won't work if you connect as the user only.

Also we would like to know with wchich version do you have problems with