Calculated fields based on 1:1 relationships

User 8a7878ec6d

02-07-2013 09:11:24


I have a table with a number of Calculated Fields that originate from other Entities through relationships and edges. Some of these are based on 1:1 relationships, and others on 1:many. While all of them are visible in the grid View, only the ones based on 1:many relationships are visible in the Schema Editor. Consequently, the ones based on 1:1 relationships cannot be selected for plotting in the Chart widget of a Form view.

I find this peculiar since calculation of the values irregardless of the type of relationship appears to work fine, the values are all there in the grid view.



ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

03-07-2013 06:24:55

Hi Evert,

I can see calculated field which are based on 1:1 relationship in schema editor. Those can be used in charts too.

It looks pretty strange if you can see those calculated fields in gridview, but not in schema editor. Did it work for you in some previous IJC version? What about calculated fields that are newly created?