Bug found when using groovy script in the IJC

User bd14eda7b5

28-05-2013 11:22:00

This possible bug was found when I was adding Calculated Text Field in the data table. if adding a text field as varibles and the data in the field (a string) contains comma (,), the imported value of the field is tuncated before the first comma.

For example, I have a text field named "text_field" and I want to add a new caculated text field using "text_field" as varibles. by adding the field to the varibles table, I will get an text varible named "textField" by default. If the value of the "textField" contains a comma or more, such as "Hello, world". This simple script: 


return textField


will give a value of "Hello", not the "Hellow, world". 

Is there anything wrong with my script or it just a small bug.

Thank you very much.

User bd14eda7b5

28-05-2013 11:46:52

I just found that this problem only appears in the Validate process. If I just ignore the validated result. It will give the correct value of the text field. Even though, it is quite inconvenient for editing and test the script.

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

28-05-2013 15:03:04

Many thanks for your report. We will look at it.