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21-05-2013 17:45:58


I am redesigning a number of 'straight' IJC databases into relational versions that will need to rely on Form Views in order to be able to see data from multiple tables simultaneously. However, the users I am catering keep telling me that they still would like to see a spreadsheet-type table which summarizes SAR from different assays for multiple compounds (not an unreasonable request imo). I can imagine this is possible by compiling the most important parameters using Calculated Fields into a sepparate Summary table and visualizing it through a Grid View (I could even show the structures here by rendering smiles as structures), but the data will not be sortable (which is also critical to my audience and me).

Is there a better solution? I hope you understand what I want to achieve. Observe that I am using the local Derby format.



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23-05-2013 05:52:09

Hi Evert,

There are two options which might be suitable for you. But none of them does exactly what you need :(

If you select a calculated field column in the table and r-click on it, there is Convert type... function. Which copies values from the calculated field to a new database column. This then may be sortable, but it is also static and does not reflect recent changes in the child tables.

The table already supports fields from other tables, but the support is limited to the 1:1 or M:1 relationships. It means that if you have more activities assigned to one compound with the structure table as a main parent table, activities can't be visible (But it works other way around, when activities are superior to structure table. For all activities shown there can be also molecule displayed.)

Hope it helps a bit.