add a letter to all the values in one field

User 6ba4d9dd23

18-03-2013 23:53:56

Is there an easy way to add a letter to existing value in field. For example, I want to add a letter "s' to all the catalog number, converting the catalog number to 'sATR-93,'' 'sATR-94', 'sly-1' and 'sly-2'. Thanks

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

19-03-2013 17:51:03

Yes, there is possibility to create new calculated field of the string type:

with simple expression like: "s" + catalog_number_variable

Will give the result in calculated field, which is not searchable. Then select the calculated field column and right click to the header of the column as seen in screenshot. Use Convert type... function to obtain new regular text field with desired catalog number format. This new column can be used instead and independently on previous columns.


User 6ba4d9dd23

19-03-2013 18:35:48

I added "new caculated text field" and put the expression "s" + catalog_number_variable , but there is error message when I press the "validate" button.

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

19-03-2013 22:53:16

Please use catalogNumber instead of catalog_number_variable in the expression. Where catalogNumber is the variable name, which can be seen in the "Variable name" column in "Variables:" table.

So in your particular case it should probably be:

"s" + catalogNumber


User 6ba4d9dd23

20-03-2013 02:30:39

Thanks. It works.