Error message when updating tables to IJC 5.12

User 58ed31274d

10-03-2013 17:47:25



I've just updated to IJC 5.12 and when updating projects, I get an error message for some tables 'a exception has occured'  This doesn't happen with all tables but makes me think that there's something not right and that there will be another updating before long.  I've updated 4 projects so far but will wait for your reply until starting the rest as I don't want to go through things twice.



ChemAxon 6848e723bb

11-03-2013 08:48:14

Hi Steve,

we apologise for the inconvenience. Can you please send us more details about the error? Preferably the log file with the error. Here you can find how to get it.

I assume you use local database for your projects. Am I right?

As always, before doing any other update, please have your databases backed-up.


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

11-03-2013 10:57:34

This might be caused by a problem in our update center. We think that the problem is solvable by removing the current IJC installation and installing a fresh new one from one of the
packages downloadable at:

The problem does not
affect the installer. It only appears when upgrading through the Auto
Update Center and it should not affect your data.

Update center on the website is currently down and the fix will be provided as soon as possible.


User 58ed31274d

11-03-2013 18:41:00

Hi Filip

Your suggestion worked fine, so after uninstalling IJC 5.11.5 and downloading IJC 5.12 and installing, all the upgrades to the databases / tables worked without any problem.  Just takes a while as I have several large local databases to deal with.

Thanks again