Copying and pasting from data trees

User 9afd5de273

08-03-2013 10:17:16

We seem to have encountered an issue with copying and posting from grid views based on data trees. The following occurs:

I have a table called Batches, which contains a string column name ProjectCode. A second table is called Storage, which also contains a string column called ProjectCode. They are linked using a One-To-Many relationship (from Batches to Storage).

If I now create a data tree starting from the Storage table and add the Batches table as an edge (using the relationship described above), I can make a combined Grid View showing columns from both tables. So far all goes fine.

However, it turns out that it is not possible to copy-and-paste any of the fields coming from the Batches table in the combined grid view into another application. Most simple example: if I show both ProjectCode columns side-by-side I can copy the column coming from the Storage table into for example Excel, but I cannot copy the column coming from the linked Batches table.

To be clear: the copy option is available, and does not give error. However pasting in another application (such as Excel or a text editor) gives nothing...

Is this expected behaviour?

Many thanks,


ChemAxon 99d87cf303

08-03-2013 12:02:44

Hi Sander,

this is a known bug in IJC table widget (and thus in Grid view as well). Fields/columns which are comming from child entities/tables cannot be copy-pasted. Only those which belong to the main/master entity.

It is already tracked in our issue tracker and marked as 5.12.1 candidate. So it should make it to the IJC 5.12.1 release.

Sorry for relatively bad news. We will let you know when the fix is available.

- Martin

User f67d4188b6

16-04-2013 08:24:51

Updated to 5.12.3 today, but this does not seem to be fixed yet.

ChemAxon 99d87cf303

16-04-2013 09:24:08

Hi Ellert. It is fixed for upcomming IJC 5.12.4 release which should be out probably by the end of this week. The fix was more trickier then we expected so it is delayed a bit.

- Martin

User f67d4188b6

22-04-2013 11:04:40

Update fixes this issue.

Thank you!