Insufficient access rights

User 82d9f7eb00

28-02-2013 14:41:46

I am a single user with admim prividlges and have installed IJC 5.11.5 on a windows
XP system. When I follow the procedures for selecting a schema and (rt click) to import a file,
I get access denied, and there is a red button with an exclamation point indicating
insufficient access rights. After searching the blog, this might be related to security.
However, when I check the Security tab for IJC properties I am Allowed full control. 
Since I have no security tab available for an existing or new schema, do I need to re-install
IJC such that ROLE_ADMIN and ROLE_EDIT_SCHEMA are enabled. If so, how do I go
about doing this.

I have also added myself to effective permissions, with no success.

Any help in this regard would be most apprectiated. I have made a variety of attempts
to solve this problem, but, obviously, have not succeeded.

Sincerely, David

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

28-06-2013 10:07:27

You need to have license properly installed to be able to import any data. Any IJC license should be enough.

Best regards,