Download JChem for Java ZIP From Command Line

User d471a39669

25-02-2013 20:51:38


I work remotely and do not have a very good internet connection. I would like to be able to SSH to my companies network and download the 'Single jchem.jar with 3rd party binaries' ZIP file directly to their network, as I will have to upload to their Nexus repository anyways.

Is there a facility for downloading this ZIP file with curl or wget? I've already tried:

curl -u <myusername>:<mypassword>

but this did not work.

Thank you,


ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

26-02-2013 09:22:47

Hi Zachary,

I'm sorry, there is no way how to download our packages using curl or wget. The only stadard distribution chanel is to download it from website directly.

Thanks for your understanding.