Insufficient access/connect as schema editor

User a79e1b1b06

19-02-2013 11:14:53

I have had some difficulties running InstantJChem on my
Linux machine. Creating a new project works fine. Next step would be New Schema
where I select Embedded Derby, click on next, give the schema a name and
finish. If I now try to import a file into this new entity/table, I get this

"Schema activated.

Insufficient access rights for the selected database. You are
not allowed to create any new table in this database and so import is disabled.
Select another schema or connect again as schema editor."

What should
I do?

ChemAxon 2bdd02d1e5

02-07-2013 07:05:14

I'm sorry, is this still valid? The date of your post is somehow strange... (this is a new message to me, although I should be notified much earlier according the date).

Please check if the license is still valid in Help -> Licenses...

Also did you verify that user running IJC have writing privilege to the database folder?