Suggestion on a (small) feature regarding LogP & LogD

User e9595e93a3

17-10-2012 15:06:46

The partition coefficients can be calculated using 3 different methods, in your software. A 4th option is to mathematically weigh the 3 partition coefficients. I suggest to include a standard deviation feature for the calculated weighed coefficients .


Best regards

ChemAxon 5433b8e56b

17-10-2012 20:47:21


I have moved the topic into the Calculator Plugins related forum, and thank you for your suggestion. My colleagues will consider your request, and will answer for you soon.


User 851ac690a0

18-10-2012 07:47:30


This feature will be included in the 5.12 version which  will be released  in December.


User e9595e93a3

10-03-2013 16:34:03

Bump! Because this feature is not implemented with the 5.12.0 release.


I still hope this will be implemented in the next release.