IUPAC Naming and Unicode with ChemJEP

User e01e37acbf

24-04-2012 18:53:00

Hi All.

We're generating IUPAC names using scripts and ChemJEP. However, Lambdas are showing up as $l, and not as the Greek character. I found this nugget in the forums:

What you are seeing is the "lambda notation". Since the two phosphorus have the non-standard valence 5 (and not 3), this is marked in the name with a λ⁵. The current ascii representation for this is $l^{5}. If you run the Tools/Naming plugin in mview or msketch you will see the lambdas. Additionally, you can get the unicode string representation on the command-line (molconvert) or the API using the name:u format option (u stands for unicode), which will give you:

This makes me think it's possible, but I have been unable to figure out the syntax for generating the name in script. it's not name:u(), it's not name(u)... Can anybody give me the correct syntax to get a unicode name generated?



ChemAxon afdac7b783

12-06-2012 08:15:03

Dear Kenny,


Sorry for the late answer.

The correct syntax to get a unicode name generated is:







User e01e37acbf

12-06-2012 13:21:36

Awesome. Thank you very much!