malonate pKas

User 870ab5b546

28-02-2011 19:39:37

The pKa plugin gives the following pKa values:

diethyl malonate: 13.0

diethyl methylmalonate: 14.7

diethyl ethylmalonate: 15.9

diethyl propylmalonate: 16.3

diethyl isobutylmalonate: 16.7

diethyl cyclohexylmethylmalonate: 16.9

I find it hard to believe that the pKa values of these compounds increase so dramatically with such small changes in substitution.  Can you verify?

User 851ac690a0

04-03-2011 17:52:56



Yes, you are right.  I have fixed these problem. The new release can be expected soon.

Thank you.