Leadlikeness filters

User 431fcd0e20

03-05-2010 14:37:17


I am trying to filter a commercial database taking into account the corresponding values used to
select lead-like compounds. These values are taken from a paper by Hann and Oprea (
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 2004,
). MW < 460, -4 < clogP 4.2, log Sw > -5, number of rotable bonds 10, number of rings < 4, H donors 5 and H acceptors < 9.

Has anyone filtered any database with these values? and most important, how could I calculate log Sw?

I have been searching for this value in Marvinsketch parameters as well as InstantJChem and I have not found it.

Thanks a lot!!!!

Additional information Marvin sketch version 5.3.0 running on a Mac OS 10.6.3


ChemAxon e08c317633

03-05-2010 14:55:26


See Adding a chemical terms field  in Instant JChem manual, and Chemical Terms Language Reference.

Example Chemical Terms expression (Lead-likeness):

(mass() <= 450) &&
(logD("7.4") >= -4) && (logD("7.4") <= 4) &&
(ringCount() <= 4) &&
(rotatableBondCount() <= 10) &&
(donorCount() <= 5) &&
(acceptorCount() <= 8)

Modify it as you wish. Unfortunately we do not have solubility predictor yet, so there is no Chemical Terms function for calculating "log Sw".

I hope this helps,

User 431fcd0e20

03-05-2010 15:02:42

Thanks a lot Zsolt!

I have used this Chemical Terms expression (Lead-likeness) but I have found two difficulties:

The first one is that I have not been able to find the bibliography where these parameters are referenced.

And the second one, I have not found the relationship between the log Sw and the log D, is there any correlation

between both?

It is the first time I have to apply this filter and I am learning about!

Thanks for all your help!!!!


User 431fcd0e20

12-05-2010 08:44:10

Any idea?

Please could you help me?

I would like to know how could I apply Log D instead of Log Sw! Is there any relationship between?


User 851ac690a0

12-05-2010 11:20:11



I don't  think that such kind of  relation exist.   

You can use logSw as an  independent variable of  a given function "F1( mw, logP ,logSw,...)". 

Or alternatively you can use logD as  an indepndent  variable of  another given function "F2(mw, logP, logD,...)".